What is Ugly?

Ugly_M_Korkut_AkacikUgly but good! What is ugly? How do we decide what is beautiful? Its shape, color, draftsman?

I was at downtown Chicago a couple weeks ago. It was freezing cold and windy. There was a young homeless guy sitting with his small Yorkshire on his lap, by the corner of the Monroe and the State St. Lots of plastic bags, layers of clothes, long beard, long and dirty blonde hair.

An “ugly” man was crossing the street towards to the homeless guy. Other people were trying to stay away from that “ugly” man. They were even avoiding eye contact with him. He was dressed sort of as a “drug dealer”. He was tall and wide. He came closer to that homeless guy. Young man was a little afraid of him. Yorkshire started to bark. The “ugly” stopped in front of the homeless guy, bent over. Gave him his venti size cup of Starbucks coffee and a giant size sandwich. He also took out a bag of dog food from his coat’s pocket. Homeless guy was surprised and grateful. The “ugly” left, and walked through the West Monroe, and disappeared by the alley just before the Private Bank Theatre-Hamilton poster. And this illustration is what remains from that “ugly “ man on my mind.

Was that helping man “ugly” or “beautiful”? What is the formula of the “beautiful”? What is your understanding on beauty? Is there a universal definition of beauty, which everybody would agree on? Or, is the beauty in the eye of the beholder?